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SSL COMPRESSOR GYRAF 4000 with top center detents on threshold and make up knobs


PreSonus ACP-88 Gray Knob Gate Threshold Attack Release Replacement ACP88 Grey


Edcor Sound AMX-400 automatic microphone mixer w/adjustable threshold


EDCOR Sound Products Fixed Threshold Automatic Mic Microphone Mixer AM-400


BOSS NS-2 Noise Suppressor Electric Guitar Pedal with Threshold/Decay Knob


PreSonus ACP-88 Blue Knob Compressor Threshold Ratio Attack Release ACP88


ANG-1 Noise Gate Guitar Effect Pedal True bypass Threshold Decay Volume knob NEW


JOYO Gate of Kahn Noise Gate Guitar Effect Pedal JF-324 True Bypass Threshold


Bass Limiter ABL-3 Mini Guitar Effect Pedal ExclusiveFor Electric Bass Threshold


JOYO JF-31 Noise Gate Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass Threshold