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Fusing Mold

Cross Casting Mold | Jewelry Glass Fusing


Delphi Studio Imprint Dressage Horse Tile | Texture Mold Glass Fusing


Spoon Slump - Glass Fusing Mold


Small Greenman Texture - Glass Fusing Mold


Holey Heart Trio Mold - Glass Fusing


Bell Mushroom Drape Mold - Glass Fusing #GM209


Cute New and Neat Glass Fusing, Glass Frit HEART shaped Jewelry mold


Cool SNOWFLAKE Frit Stained glass fusing kiln jewelry mold


Nice Glass Fusing, Glass Frit Casting, Triangle style Jewelry mold


Murrini Mold - Glass Fusing




12x12 Semi Soft FiberFrax Fiber Paper 1/8" Thick Sheet KILN MOLD Fusing Supplies


Colour de Verre Dragonfly Fusing Mold


FIREWORKS Small Vase Former Slumping Mold Fusing Kiln Stainless Steel


12x12 FiberFrax Fiber Board 1/4" Thick Kiln Fusing Mold Making Supplies


Dragonfly Bottle Slump Mold - Glass Fusing


Holey Keys Mold - Glass Fusing #LF81


Cool GUITAR Frit Stained glass fusing kiln jewelry mold


Multi Ovals Mold - Glass Fusing


Dragonfly Holey Cameo Casting Jewelry Mold for Fusing Glass Frit


Peacock Texture - Glass Fusing Mold


Bar Handle Casting Mold | Glass Fusing Creative Paradise


Holey Heart Choker Mold - Glass Fusing #LF84


Flip Flop Little Fritter Mold for Fusing Glass


Holey Oval Trio Mold - Glass Fusing


Angel Cameo - Glass Fusing Mold


Ruffle Dome Mold - Glass Fusing #GM212


Birds Casting Mold | Glass Fusing Creative Paradise


Small Greenman Texture Mold for Glass Fusing and Slumping 7 x 7 Inch


Christmas Tree Frit Cast Mold - Glass Fusing


Unused Fused Glass Drawer Pull Mold four round


Chopstick Knife Holder Fused Glass Fusing Slump Kiln Mold


8x12 FiberFrax Fiber Board Choice 1/4" or 1/2" Kiln Fusing Mold Making Supplies


2 3/4" HAIK BRUSH Fusing Supplies~ Apply kiln wash to kiln shelves


Hibiscus Mold - Glass Fusing #LF154


10" x 2" Deep Rim Bowl Mold | Glass Fusing


Glass Fusing Fluted Plate Mold 10"


Glass Fusing Snowflake 2015 Mold - Colour de Verre